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Revolutionized Art: how Mind Against is reshaping all kind of musical boundaries

Pushing the boundaries of art, technology and innovation with the release of HABITAT

  • Interview: Rocio Flores | Photos: Tim Saccenti For Setta Studio
  • 30 April 2024

Known for their iconic melodic releases on labels like fabric Records, Hotflush, and Afterlife, Italian duo Mind Against is embarking on a new chapter of their musical journey.

They are pushing the boundaries of art, technology, and innovation with the release of HABITAT, a project that offers a futuristic perspective.

This project combines their emotionally rich sound with an immersive aesthetic landscape, much like they did in the two major epicentres of the dance music scene, London and eventually New York City.

This year, they unveiled the second episode of ‘METAFLORA’, which allows audiences to connect with a fascinating soundscape and potentially awaken a wild side on the dance floor. Additionally, they presented a stunning collaboration of ‘ONLYL’ with TSHA and NIMMO.

The Milanese brothers have taken their delicate and emotionally rich sound to stages across the globe, earning them a reputation as one of the most sought-after acts in the dance circuit.

Their performances at prestigious events like Zamna Events, Awakenings, Fabric London, Kappa Future, Warung, EDC Vegas, Ocaso, and Cercle, among others, have not only garnered global recognition but also a devoted fan base.

On this cover story, we invite you to experience their revolutionized art, a testament to their ability to inspire and reshape musical boundaries.

“We aim to continue delivering high-quality, innovative releases and events that resonate with our audience and contribute to the evolution of the music scene”

Welcome, guys, to Mixmag Brazil! We are so delighted to have you here and to celebrate the release of 'HABITAT Events.' How does that make you feel? How has this first trimester been for you?

Thank you for having us! We're incredibly excited to be here and talk about our new HABITAT shows with everyone. It's truly a special moment for us. Reflecting on the first trimester, it has been a period of intense creativity and collaboration for our team. We've been working on this project for over a year, and seeing it come to life is incredibly rewarding.

Overall, it's been a rollercoaster of emotions, but we're thrilled to finally share our vision with the world. We hope the HABITAT shows resonate with our audience and inspire everyone who listens to our music.

We would love to ask you about the incredible journey you've experienced since you started Mind Against. What challenges did you face regarding innovation in your art as music selectors and producers? What has been the most rewarding aspect of this journey so far?

Our journey with Mind Against has been filled with challenges and rewards. One of the main challenges we've faced in terms of innovation in our art as music producers is the constant pressure to evolve and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.

With so much talent and innovation around us, it's crucial for us to push ourselves creatively and experiment with new sounds and techniques while staying true to our unique style and vision. We constantly strive to challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of our creativity.

However, despite these challenges, the most rewarding aspect of our journey so far has been the connections we've made with our audience and the many artists we work with. Music has a way of bringing people together.

Overall, while the journey with Mind Against has certainly had its challenges, the rewards far outweigh them, and we feel incredibly grateful to be able to share our music with the world.

“AI complements human creativity rather than replacing it, allowing artists to push boundaries and explore new frontiers”

At what moment have you realized that releasing your label HABITAT could be the present and future of your professional and personal evolution? How will you maintain your label's musical line in this competitive industry?

The decision to launch our label, HABITAT, marked a significant point in our professional and personal growth. We realized that we wanted to create a platform for our own music and that of other talented artists.

We focus on authenticity and a strong artistic vision to maintain our label's musical identity in this competitive industry. We curate diverse music that reflects our influences while staying true to our values.

Additionally, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment within our label community helps us push the boundaries of electronic music. We aim to continue delivering high-quality, innovative releases that resonate with our audience and contribute to the evolution of the music scene.

This month, you will also present the label's first showcases in two iconic cities, London and eventually NYC. Why these two cities? What can we expect from the shows?

We chose London and NYC for our label's first showcases because they are both iconic hubs for electronic music with vibrant and diverse scenes. These cities have rich musical histories and are home to passionate audiences who appreciate innovation.

For the shows, attendees can expect an immersive and unforgettable experience featuring cutting-edge music curated by HABITAT.

We'll be bringing together a line-up of talented artists who embody the label's ethos and showcase the diversity and creativity of electronic music. We'll be creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of HABITAT.

In addition to the music, we've collaborated with visual artists and designers to create stunning installations that complement the music and enhance the overall experience.

Our goal is to create a multisensory journey that transports attendees and leaves a lasting impression.

In both shows, we see marvellous young artists like Eli Verveine or SIDERAL. What did you like most about the musical proposal that made you decide to invite them to these epic showcases?

We were drawn to these artists for their unique musical perspectives and their ability to captivate audiences with their sound. Each of these artists brings something unique to the table, and their musical proposals align perfectly with the ethos of HABITAT.

Their blend of melodic techno and hypnotic sounds create immersive experiences on the dance floor. They all can craft emotive and atmospheric soundscapes that fully resonated with us and our identity as artists - making them an ideal fit for our shows.

“For our shows, attendees can expect immersive & unforgettable experience featuring cutting-edge music curated by HABITAT”

HABITAT involves good music and allows us to live in a multisensorial ecosystem through the visuals created by Swedish artist Aujik. When you presented the proposal to Aujik to work on HABITAT's visuals, did you already have something in mind about what you wanted, or were you simply surprised?

When we approached Aujik to collaborate on HABITAT's visuals, we were open to the idea of letting his creativity guide the project.

While we had some precise concepts and themes in mind that we wanted to explore, we were also excited to see how he would interpret and expand upon these ideas.

Aujik's work is known for its visionary and otherworldly aesthetic, and we were drawn to his ability to create visually stunning and thought-provoking experiences.

We felt that his unique artistic vision aligned perfectly with the one we had for HABITAT, and we were eager to see how he would bring our music to life through his visuals.

We were rapidly thrilled by his enthusiasm and passion for the project. He immediately understood the vision behind our project and shared our excitement for creating a multisensory ecosystem that combines music and visuals in a seamless way.

Could you please tell us about your first encounters with this project and your work relationship with the visual designer?

The initial encounters with the HABITAT project were filled with excitement and anticipation as we sought to combine music with visuals.

When we approached the visual designer, there was mutual excitement about the potential of collaborating on such a ground-breaking project.

Our work relationship was built through collaborative brainstorming sessions and feedback loops throughout the project.

Together, we pushed the boundaries of creativity and innovation, resulting in a truly immersive experience for our audience.

Many people are concerned about using new technologies like AI in the music industry. Do you consider it more of an ally to boost new ways of creating music or something that could eventually replace human creativity?

We view AI as an ally in the music industry, offering new possibilities for creativity and innovation. While we can assist in generating ideas and exploring new sounds, we believe human creativity will always be essential.

AI complements human creativity rather than replacing it, allowing artists to push boundaries and explore new frontiers while maintaining the emotional depth and intuition that make music so powerful.

“The collaboration between TSHA and NIMMO on ‘OnlyL’ immediately caught our attention with its energy and emotional depth”

One of the label's first releases was METAFLORA, a VA compilation that provides listeners a wide range of sophisticated sounds and styles. Recently, you released the second volume. Congratulations! What would you say are the main focus for the second one?

In this release, listeners can expect a carefully curated collection of music from established artists and exciting newcomers, each offering their unique perspective and style. We're excited to continue exploring themes of nature, transformation, and interconnectedness through the music and artwork featured on METAFLORA II.

Overall, our goal with METAFLORA II is to build upon the success of the first volume and further establish HABITAT as a platform for innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music. We're incredibly excited about the upcoming release and can't wait to share it with our audience.

How will it differ from the first one regarding the selection of artists who will participate?

For METAFLORA II, we'll focus more on featuring emerging artists alongside established ones. This emphasis on up-and-coming talent will inject fresh perspectives into the compilation, enriching the listening experience.

“We’re excited to continue exploring themes of nature, transformation through music and artwork featured on METAFLORA II”

Circling back into your releases, we found the new life of 'OnlyL' in collaboration with TSHA and NIMMO; we are madly obsessed! First of all, what mainly caught your attention about the original?

The collaboration between TSHA and NIMMO on 'OnlyL' immediately caught our attention with its energy and emotional depth.

When remixing the track, we aimed to maintain its essence while adding our own creative twist. We aimed to keep the original beauty while infusing it with our unique style.

To wrap it up, what is it like to look back and see that your determination has made you one of the most incredible artists in the dance scene?

Looking back and recognizing that our determination has propelled us to become well-known artists in the dance scene is an enriching and humbling experience.

It serves as a testament to the relentless commitment, perseverance, and passion we've invested over the years.

Witnessing the impact of our music on audiences and witnessing the opportunities that have arisen as a result is deeply fulfilling. It also drives us to continually push our creativity.

However, despite this reflection, we must remain grounded and appreciative of the support we have received from collaborators and fans who have contributed to our journey.

This retrospection fuels our determination to set new goals, embrace challenges, and continue evolving as artists.


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