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Meet INNELLEA and his latest creative opus: the Distorted Youth Audio Visual experience

We talked to Innellea days before The Distorted Youth Audio Visual experience launch

  • Words: Julian Hopkins - Photos: Robin Scherm
  • 11 February 2022

Riding a remarkable wave of success off the back of a hugely productive 2021, Innellea has just unveiled his latest creative opus, the Distorted Youth Audio Visual experience.

Innellea took the scene by storm in 2019, at first a secret weapon for some of the world’s biggest techno DJs, before launching music on labels like Afterlife, Innervisions and Diynamic.

From then on, Innellea’s colourful and intricate rhythms captivated crowds worldwide. Tracks like ‘Vigilans’, ‘Forced to Bend’ and ‘The World Returns’ are examples of the bold musical statements which define the project.

From the success of his releases came live sets and a wealth of unreleased tracks, creating a global hype around his name.

We talked to Innellea days before The Distorted Youth Audio Visual experience launch. Read on!

Thanks for Please tell your story to the Brazilian audiences that may not know you yet. How did you start?

Obrigado everyone! After visiting a Boys Noize concert in Munich 2011 I was completely amazed by the energy and the unity that was going on during this event.

For me it was crystal clear that I wanted to be part of this scene so I started my research and bought my first controller straight after coming home from the rave.

After a while the controller wasn’t enough anymore so I bought my first turntables and a mixer and started collecting vinyls. The rest is history...

You started to gain popularity in the underground melodic techno. What are the differencials that you believe really helped your career take off?

It was very helpful that we had an extremely naive approach to creating music in the beginning. We taught ourselves everything without taking part in masterclasses or schools.

This way we created our own style without forcing it and without really realizing it even if it may have taken a little longer and was a bit more difficult this way.

Your music and live act is always evolving. How is your creative process backstage? Do you have any kind of “rituals” to boost creativity and productivity?

Over the years I’ve learned to accept things as they are, i.e. there are days when the creative process is easier or days when nothing works and creativity is simply not there.

To fuel my creativity it is helpful for me to go skating. That is the only moment where I can completely switch off stuck thoughts.

Tell us about your new Distorted Youth EP on Afterlife Records

The EP includes 4 songs which were created during the initial phase of the Corona Pandemic. All 4 deal with issues we are confronted with in our everyday life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, disappointment and honesty play a big role in the inspiration for my songs.

As I normally do, I tried to leave my comfort zone and make the EP as multi-faceted as possible. Here, the title track Distorted Youth stands out for me in particular.

The EP also coincides with a new LIVE Tour concept, a music video and a clothing line branded ‘INN’. How the concept came about and where it’s heading next?

Distorted Youth is meant to be more than just an EP. It is the approach to take the listener into the holistic world of Innellea.

A world where sound, vision, art and fashion is melting together.

The full package also has a deeper meaning, which everyone will be able to discover and interpret for themselves. We are all the product of our own Distorted Youth.

As I love to create experiences I’ll come up with more concepts like this in the future which are meant to stimulate all senses.

Your music has been released on some of the world’s best labels (Afterlife, Innervisions, Diynamic). What can new artists learn from your story?

The most important thing is to always be honest with yourself and always be true to yourself and have no regrets when you look at the past.

This does not mean that you should not make mistakes, on the contrary mistakes are even good to grow and learn from them.

Speaking about your career as DJ & producer, what’s in the schedule for 2022 on the collabs, remixes and releases side?

Besides a few exciting collabs with my friends I recently started a collaboration with an amazing singer songwriter from the UK.

After remixing tons of songs last year I try to keep it a bit lower this year and just pick a few diamonds that I see myself being able to shape them. This year I really want to focus on originals.

Last: we always ask for tips and advice for the new talents that are hustling to get their careers off the ground. Any cool suggestions for these artists?

As I mentioned before, stay true to yourself, accept uncreative phases and take these phases to gain inspiration out of them by meeting your loved ones, going to the nature or doing whatever you like

(besides studio time :D ). And I know that everyone says that but patience is key, don’t stress yourself. Stay motivated, diligently and focused.

Essa matéria tambem está disponível em formato Online Mag e em inglês!

Photos: Robin Scherm / @schermlon on Instagram

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