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Armen Miran, when the mysticism meets the sound of an ethereal world

Hoomidaas Records and Reborn Project: The Musical Passion of Armen Miran. Exclusive Interview!

  • Interview: Rocio Flores | Photos: Ahmed Elgammal, Vahan Stepanyan
  • 16 January 2024

Armen Miran's style is definitely for you if you are looking for inspiration and to immerse yourself in an ethereal journey full of musical colorimetry and surreal moments on the dance floor and elsewhere.

His productions are loaded with high doses of mysticism coming from the influence of his past mixed with seductive electronic notes. Founder of two magnificent projects, Hoomidaas Records and Reborn Project, platforms that are founded on originality and genuine passion for music.

Both concepts have had incredible hosting showcases with world-renowned productions and unique artists. In addition to all these accolades, Armen has teamed up with Armenian fashion designer Ariga Torosian to present a minimalist clothing line that reflects pure elegance and the simplicity of life.

Miran's multifaceted and rich acoustic expression is a complete gift to our ears, so let's give him a massive welcome to this cover edition.

Where does the impulse to produce this ethereal music come from for you? What role do often-quoted sources of inspiration like nature, dreams, spirituality, other forms of art, etc?

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, I always balance my time between the outdoors and my studio.

Have you discovered a spiritual awakening in making art (it can be while producing or DJing)? We also, read in your bio that you have found inspiration in nature, How do you think nature and music relate?

Both music and nature have a rhythmic quality. Nature has its own natural rhythms, such as waves crashing on the shore or the birds chirping.

Similarly, music is built upon rhythmic patterns and beats that create a sense of flow and movement.

What feelings would you like to evoke in your audience while playing? How much prep do you do before a set? For example, do you try to present something different than you usually do with Reborn?

I aim to captivate my audience by introducing them to something completely new and unfamiliar, sparking a sense of curiosity and wonder within them.

I want my audience to experience that “aha” moment where they realize they have stumbled upon something they never knew they loved.

You hold immense pride in your Armenian and Iranian cultures. How do you aim to bring more recognition to Middle Eastern talents in the industry?

With my label, Hoomidaas Records, I have been able to release music from incredibly talented artists from Iran and Armenia.

Through my platform, I strive to bring recognition and appreciation to these artists, who may have otherwise gone unnoticed in the music industry.

“By refusing to confine myself to a single genre, I am able to authentically express the full range of emotions that course through me”

You are well-known for delivering ethereal journeys, sophisticated beats, and tons of dreamlike progressions in your sets, and ‘Lovely Mistake’ was no exception. Can you describe the musical mood of the track and how it differs from your previous productions like ‘Heads’ this year?

I am an artist who refuses to be confined by the limitations of a single genre. I find inspiration in life’s vast spectrum of emotions, and my music should reflect this ever-changing landscape. My creative process is deeply intertwined with my mood, allowing me to explore various expressions.

By refusing to confine myself to a single genre, I am able to authentically express the full range of emotions that course through me. This freedom allows me to create music that is honest, dynamic, and true to the ever-changing nature of life itself.

You released ‘Doors of Perception EP’ in collaboration with Pambouk in your own imprint. How did you connect with Pambouk’s energy? What can you tell us about the merge of your musical approaches?

When I first stumbled upon Pambouk’s productions, I was immediately captivated by the unique sounds and innovative approach he brought to the table. The music resonated with me and I knew I had discovered something special.

As we connected and got to know each other more, it became clear that our musical sensibilities aligned. There was a shared language of melodies and rhythms that flowed effortlessly.

It was as if we were speaking the same musical dialect, effortlessly complementing each other’s ideas and pushing each other to new creative heights. Together, we have created familiar and ground-breaking music, pushing boundaries while staying true to our artistic visions.

Collaborating with Hraach has been an effortless and harmonious experience, one that has not only resulted in incredible music but also forged an unbreakable bond of friendship. Coming from the same background, we profoundly understand each other.

Our shared experiences, cultural influences, and musical roots have laid the foundation for a deep understanding and appreciation of each other’s artistry. When we create music together, it feels like a seamless dance of creativity.

“One of the most exciting aspects of ‘Hoomidaas Records’ is the commitment to releasing music from emerging artists”

Moving forward to one of your most significant milestones, Hoomidaas Records, home of countless music that hypnotizes our ears and mind while doing the interview, What made you decide to create the label, and what makes it different from Reborn project?

When my partner Christina Acobiance and I embarked on our journey to create Hoomidaas Records, we had a clear vision in mind. We wanted to establish a platform that would not only introduce and showcase talented artists but also prioritize the music itself above all else.

We firmly believed that the quality and creativity of the music should be the driving force behind our label rather than the fame or popularity of the artist. One of the most exciting aspects of ‘Hoomidaas Records’ is the commitment to releasing music from emerging artists, many of whom are experiencing their first EP releases.

Reborn Project is my passion project label, driven by a deep and dark aesthetic. Reborn Project does not adhere to a strict release schedule unlike traditional labels. Instead, we release music whenever we come across something exceptional and unique. This allows us to prioritize quality over quantity and ensure that each release is a true representation of the artistic vision behind it.

Hoomidaas Records has presented ‘Midaas’ a series of mixes where we have found great artists like Emrat, Julieta Kühnte, and recently Argentinian Maestro Hernán Cattaneo, with you have collaborated with the track ‘Ghost’. What does it mean for you to have the support of someone like Hernán?

Hernán Cattaneo has been my childhood inspiration, and I believe he has been a guiding light for many artists of my generation. When I discovered his music, I was captivated by his unique sound and innovative approach.

Today, I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with Hernan & Nick Warren and to call them a friend. Collaborating with them has been a dream come true, and it has allowed me to learn from their wealth of knowledge and experience. Their mentorship and guidance have been invaluable to my artistic growth, and I am forever grateful for their support.

We know you release two fantastic compilations twice yearly, ‘Hoom Side of the Sun’ and ’Hoom Side of the Moon’; what can you tell us about its name and purpose? And how did it come together in terms of artist selection?

The compilation title “Hoom” holds a beautiful and profound meaning. In Armenian, “Hoom” translates to “raw,” which adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the concept.

It signifies a connection to the essence of nature and the unfiltered aspects of life. The compilation title, “The Raw Side of the Sun and the Raw Side of the Mood,” encapsulates the contrasting energies of summer and winter.

The Sun represents the vibrant and energetic summer season, while the Moon symbolizes winter’s introspective and contemplative nature.

At Hoomidaas Records, we are constantly exploring new musical territories. While it’s difficult to predict the exact direction in the next few years, we will continue supporting artists who push the boundaries of their respective genres.

“Much of my inspiration comes from nature, I always balance my time between the outdoors and my studio”

On the other hand, I would like to pinpoint the artwork of the compilations and your releases, which are really cool and a bit futuristic. Does every design have a message related to the music that is released?

The artwork of our releases is a vital component of our creative vision at Hoomidaas Records. We are proud to collaborate with Rambalkoshe, an underground art museum, and a family of collaborative individuals representing art and music in Armenia. When choosing the artwork, we consider the EP title, the emotions and the atmosphere in the music.

Design is another significant part of your journey because you have presented ‘Reborn Fashion’. How did it come to your mind to create a fashion line?

When it comes to clothing, I’ve always had a specific style that I gravitated towards. Your wardrobe reflects your personality, it allows you to create a signature look that’s uniquely yours.

Minimalism and elegance are two top qualities we can see in it, as well as your collaboration with Armenian fashion designer Ariga Torosian, what drew your attention to her?

Ariga is my childhood friend. Over the years, I have witnessed Ariga’s incredible talent and unwavering dedication to her craft. Each piece she creates tells a story, reflecting her artistic vision and personal style. Ariga and I have always kept in touch. So, when Ariga presented me with the idea of collaborating, it was an opportunity I didn’t need to think twice about.

Thinking about the near future, do you feel emerging technologies like AI will affect artists in our industry, or will it open up new capabilities?

Replacing human creativity may lack the emotional depth and human touch that comes from human creativity. Art and music that lacks emotion and feeling - I can’t grasp that concept.

In the last decade, our scene has been contaminated by people who are more for the money than for the love of music, there are a lot of egos, stereotypes, irrational riders, etc., as an artist who has portrayed valuable messages through music, how have you remained faithful to yourself?

Trust your instincts and stay true to your artistic vision. Don’t be swayed by trends or external pressures to conform to a certain sound or style. Focus on the music.

Keep the music at the forefront of your mind and let it guide your decisions. Remember why you started making music in the first place and the joy it brings you.

Stay connected to the creative process and let your passion for music drive you forward.

“Hernán Cattaneo has been my childhood inspiration, I believe he’s been a guiding light for many of my generation"

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